Kings Highway offers the following additional web services to all of our clients. Check out the ones below, and if one you want is not listed, shoot us an e-mail, and we’ll see if we can accommodate.


(These services are covered by your monthly or yearly hosting plan.)

Control Over Your Website Content
KHWD will provide you with a secure and easy way to keep your website up to date. If you can point, click, and type, then you can keep your own website updated.

E-mail Accounts
KHWD offers various numbers of POP3/SMTP e-mail accounts with each of its design packages. Each e-mail address is customizable with a unique username and password as well as three e-mail clients to choose from. You also have the option of routing your e-mails to Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.

News Sites, Blogs and Magazines
Kings Highway can implement a flexible content management system for your news website, magazine, or blog. Even though it will be run on a CMS, KHWD will also implement a custom design. Your site will not be based on a template.

Photo Galleries
Have a lot of pictures that you want to display on the web? Kings Highway offers a sleek, new solution for displaying photos on your website.

Kings Highway can implement an interactive calendar solution on your church or ministry website. Adding events is a cinch, and your visitors will have a more intuitive way to keep up with your events.

Message Boards
Want to start a community discussion on your website? Then message boards are the way to go. Get your website visitors engaged and connect with them in a more effective way.

KHWD can implement forms of any size and for any need on your website. Form results can be sent to your e-mail or stored in a database online for easy access.

File Uploads
Through your content management system, you will be able to upload pictures, documents and nearly anything else to your website.

Friendly URLs
You’ll never see a bunch of random numbers and letters at the end of your site URL. All of our URLS are user friendly and search engine optimized.

Kings Highway lets you do one of the most fundamental, no-brainer features that any Web solution must have. We give you the ability to create text links, image links, video links, PDF links, etc.

Online Giving/Donations
Encourage visitors to give to your church or website’s cause via PayPal’s easy donation button.

Send to a Friend
If your visitors are excited about your website’s content, then they will be able to send your website to their friends via a simple, easy send-to-a-friend form.

Site Search (New)
Allow users to search the content of your website. If you have a lot of content on your website, this is an essential option.

Page Editing
If you can use a word processor, then you can edit pages for your website. Editing can be done from anywhere you have access to the Internet, day or night. You can control multiple aspects of a page, including fonts, colors, images, and tables.

Page Publishing
If you are working on a new page on your website, and aren’t sure it’s ready to reveal to the world, that’s OK. Just save it as a draft, and you can come back and finish it later.

Password-Protect Pages
You can create pages that are hidden from public view and only accessable to the people who you want to see it. Just use the password-protect option to keep a page safe and secure.

Embed Third Party Video on Your Site
With your web design packages from KHWD, you will be able to embed video from popular video sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc., on your website.

Quotes/Scripture Verses
You can add scripture verses, quotes, or even testimonials to your website in a listed or random view fashion.

RSS Feeds
If you frequently post updates on your website or blog, this feature is for you. An RSS feed is a tried and true way for your visitors to stay up to date on your website activity.

If you purchase another domain for your website, you can set it up as a subdomain on your current account. You can also set up domains such as or