Mobile Sites

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is growing increasingly mobile. More people are becoming less connected to their desktop computers and are going wireless — from cellphones and smartphones to laptops, tablets, and netbooks. Is your site ready for the new mobile world? For the most part, a traditional website is simply not compatible for mobile devices. This requires that your website be converted from its current form into an eye-pleasing, fast-loading, mobile-compatible format. Our mobile sites are compatible on iPhones, Android phones, Samsung device, Windows Phones, and BlackBerries.

The initial cost for setting up a mobile website is $49. You may submit payment for this service below.

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The cost for hosting and maintaining the mobile website is just $10 a month.

We will:

  • Convert your current website into a mobile-compatible format
  • Set up your desktop website so that users who are visiting on their mobile devices will automatically be directed to the mobile-friendly version of your site.
  • Announce your new mobile site on your current site, so all of your visitors know they can stay up-to-date while they’re on the go.